Safety Guidelines and Regulations

-The entire salon will be cleaned and sanitized prior to opening.

-Staff and guests are required to wear a mask in the salon at all times.

-All staff will require a temperature check at the start of their shift.

-No more than 10 people are allowed in the salon at one time. --Stylists will be limited to 4 per shift.

-Each stylist station and shampoo station will be cleaned and disinfected before seeing the next client.

-Stylists will be spaced 6 feet apart.

-The stylists will wear a mask and shield for protection.

-A barrier has been added to the front desk.

-We are seeing clients by appointment only. No guests of clients/children will be allowed in the salon while we are limited to 10 people.

-There will be a sanitation station at the door. All clients must -sanitize when entering the salon.

-We have the right to take your temperature (contactless thermometer) if needed to protect our staff and guests.

-If you are feeling sick, have excessive allergies, or have been around someone sick please cancel your appointment.